Sourcing. Product design and development. Problem solving. 

· Solved design, manufacturing and assembly problems for: Largest telecommunications connector manufacturer. Premium portable lighting manufacturer. Domestic baseball bat manufacturer. The leading HVACR solutions provider. Tier 1 auto part suppliers.  Pool filters.

Paintball companies. Various start ups and their product design and manufacturing issues.

· Developed solutions for: Firearm laser sights, compression molded rubber drain gates, custom rubber seals for mil spec applications, consumer propane torch valve manufacturing and many more.


Natural leader who has honed that craft.  From lost scout patrols, competitive sports, volunteer trail building and business. Leadership is the fundamental reason I rose through the ranks in my career so quickly.  Define a goal, organize, identify strengths and weaknesses and put others in a position to succeed.  And follow up with constant evaluation of the entire process.  

I have lead many successful teams.  And all those team members can be proud owners of their parts in those stories. 

Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing of $100,000,000 company.  Product and manufacturing lead at $20,000,000 company.  Start-ups.

3d models, 2d drawings (Solidworks), R&D product development, production management.

Tolerance stack analysis.  Scheduling.  Manufacturing methods. Market analysis, future proofing.
Electro-mechanical design.  Pneumatic Solenoids, electronic control board layout and programming.

High precision machined components, injection molded parts, carbon fiber composites.

Foreign and Domestic.

Designed a thrust reducing feature to permanently end high pressure cylinder lethal separation threat.  Feature was not adopted by ASTM even though it was endorsed in writing by Luxfer and Gayston, the leading high pressure cylinder manufacturers.
High and low pressure regulator design.  Co2 valve design.  Approximately 5 million units sold.

QC / QA:
1999-2012 QC control programs for products with lethal failure potential.  Only engineer in the field with a perfect record.  Highest volumes in the field.
QA program to collect consumer feedback to improve product.  22,000 pneumatic markers sold per month with less than 1% return rate in big box merchants.

Brand Manager:

Creative Director of product lines, packaging, advertising, logos, brand manuals and brand strategies.  Packaging developed is still emulated today in big box merchants.

CNC program, set up.  Grinding.  Powder Coating and Anodizing.  Metal Finishing.  Tooling design.  Manual mill set up.  Star - swiss style cnc lathe, Mazak and Fanuc controlled CNC vmc and hmc machines.  Master Cam x5 and hand  coding.

Bleeding edge manufacturing.  I have great interest in Cultural Anthropology as a marketing tool. I am an avid road and mountain cyclist.  My personal life is centered on my wife and four sons.  I have skied nearly everything in the northeast.  I traveled the world as a ‘professional’ paintball player from 1993-2003.  My family’s roots are in Texas and Arizona, consequentially, I am a Cowboys fan.  My love for the outdoors is firmly rooted in my childhood as a member of the Boy Scouts of America.  Volunteer trail building.