Improved High Pressure Valve Function - Reduced cost to manufacture and improved function to reduce effort to open valve from +300lbs to 23lbs @ 4500psi for hand operated valve.

Problem Solving, product design - Created a concept, machined a functional low cost proof of concept, designed and machined a functional prototype and designed a final product for a low-effort hand pump using hydraulics to boost air pressure from 1000-2000 psi to 3000 - 4500psi for the PreCharged Pneumatic (lethal airgun) industry.

Forged Carbon Fiber Composites compression mold design - Designed cycling and drone products and designed the forging (compression molding) tooling.

Ceramic Composites Manufacturing - Tooling and processing design.  Compression molding design, vacuum infiltration process, equipment and fixtures, carbon fiber cutting fixtures, cnc fixtures and 2000F inert gas chamber furnace improvements.  Processing of advanced chemistry into exceptionally thin disc brake rotors.

MasterCAM - Successfully altered MasterCAMs native post-processing code for G-code creation file for a Brother TC-S2D vertical CNC to facilitate prototype manufacturing.

High Pressure Air Regulators -  Refresh current products and expand product offerings.  Special attention on shared inventory for sub assemblies and improved tolerance stack.  Focus on elegant and efficient designs for competitive domestic manufacturing.