About Me


Highly skilled SolidWorks designer, Since 1999.

Highly skilled in manufacturing prints, Since 1999.

Highly skilled in getting products to market, Since 1999.

Highly skilled in off shore sourcing, Since 2000.

Highly skilled in domestic sourcing, Since 1999.

Highly skilled in management, Since 1992

Highly skilled in problem solving, seeing the big picture.

Highly skilled in vendor negotiations, Since 1999.

Highly skilled in pneumatics, Since 1993.
Highly skilled in forged composites manufacturing, Since 2011.

Highly skilled in ceramic composites manufacturing, Since 2011.

Highly skilled in CNC manufacturing, Since 1999.

Skilled in working with electrical motors, Since 2004.

Skilled in electronics layout, Since 1999.

Skilled in mold design, Since 2000.

Skilled in CNC tube bending, Since 2017.

Granted Patent US7765999 B1 other patents pending

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Other Skill sets:

Software: Solidworks, MAS90 / 200, Quickbooks, MS Money

Volusion / ProStores / Ebay ecommerce, Windows Office, Open Office, Live Mail, Photoshop CS2+, InDesign, AI, DreamWeaver, phpBB3 forum, PowerDirector, MovieMaker, FTP,  Cpanel, Web Hosting, Domain Registrar.  Anti Malware/Spyware removal.  Social media marketing.

OS set up and recovery: Mac, Windows XP/Vista, Windows Server 2000+.

CAM: MasterCam x5, Mach3, Fanuc Cotrols (swiss turn and mill), Mazak conversational programming (milling), M/G-code and Mastercam x5.

Manual skills: PC Hardware Repair, Pneumatics / Hydraulic Repair. Electric wiring. IT wiring/install, Car Audio installation.

Other: Current off shore manufacturing contacts.

Work History:
CNC production lead

Tube bending

Zeman MFG


Future Proof Product Engineering
Product Design



PAC Rim Manufacturing

Domestic Manufacturing


Kettle Cycles ltd

Jade Media LLC

De Emoto Inc

Premiere Seals

Pressure Specialist Inc


Pursuit Marketing Inc

Global leader in paintball products.

VP Engineering / Manufacturing


Smart Parts Inc

Lead Designer, CNC Setup/ Programmer, Website Programmer 7/1999-12/2001

WannaPlay Paintball

Sgt York’s Paintball Field/Store

CGO Hospital


Boy Scouts of America

Inventor, Engineering and Manufacturing

Marketing and Branding